Who is tightrope?

Tightrope is the brainchild of Victoria Young and Quang Hong.  Sick and tired of lifeless design, these two artists are striving to fill the world with creative, thoughtful, and fun products.

where is tightrope?

Our workshop and office are located at 144 Waterbury St Brooklyn NY 11206.  We handcraft each of our pieces here in our workshop.  Check out pictures of our Workshop here.

What type of woods do you use?

We use maple, walnut, purpleheart, padauk, and zebrawood.

Maple - sugar maple - This North American tree is the same tree used for collecting maple syrup.  Its blonde wood has a medium weight and density and is tightly grained.  It is also completely food safe.  We use this for lights, furniture, and especially our cutting boards.

Walnut - black walnut - This North American tree does in fact make walnuts.  Its wood has a medium weight and density, and its coloration varies from an amber honey to a deep chocolate.  

Purpleheart - jarrah - This Central American tree really has purple wood!  Apart from its striking color, it is a dense and heavy wood.  The color will change over time, but it isn't very noticeable.

Padauk - barwood - This West African wood is one tough cookie!  It has the nickname barwood due to its moisture resistance and resilience.  It is a very tough and heavy wood with a deep red coloring.  

Zebrawood - beli - This West African wood's earned its stripes!  The striping consists of a lighter honey tone with thinner stripes of dark chocolate.  It's a strong wood with medium weight.  


How do you finish your wood and metal?




any tips for my air plant?


how do i clean my wooden
bowls or utensils?


how do you ship my order? 


oops!  i need to return something...

For our wood, we use danish oil. It soaks into the hardwood and helps to seal the wood against wear and moisture to ensure that the piece will last and last. 

For metal, we use paste wax.  It has a low environmental impact and is water and rust resistant.  


You can view our guide on caring for your air plant here


Care for our line of wood kitchen and dining items can be viewed here.


We ship everything via UPS or USPS.  Everything ships out directly from our workshop in Brooklyn.  Our products can also be made available for pick up at our workshop if you'd like to save on shipping.

We like to handle returns and exchanges ASAP.  If there is any issue with your order, please contact us and we are happy to assist you.  We can provide full refunds and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Please understand that custom work is non-refundable.